Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The "CORE" System And Amway?

Here is a breakdodown of CORE and why it doesn’t work. Here are the CORE steps. Some groups may have variations of CORE, but this is generally what many groups use. CORE is allegedly the proven system of success. Apologists claims that people who are CORE for at least six months straight will succeed. I doubt it. There are many examples, including my former sponsor who can suggest it doesn't work.

1 - Show the Plan (10-15 per month)
2 - Retail the Products (10 customers @10 PV each)
3 – Tapes/cds
4 - Books
5 - Functions (attend all)
6 - Accountability
7 - Counsel with Upline (Be teachable!)
8 - Buy 100% of your own products
9 – Communikate

Many upline will tell you that your success is nearly 100% guaranteed if you follow these steps for 2-5 years. Some Amway enthusiasts will tell you that 6 months of this activity will nearly assure you of a platinum level business. Certain steps are within the IBO’s control, such as reading every day and listening to cds, and attending functions. It is also easy enough to be accountable, counsel with upline, buy your own products, and use KATE (voicemail).

Here’s where an IBO’s efforts will break down. Showing the plan and retailing products. And remember, if you cannot do these steps then you are not considered “CORE” and your upline will likely tell you that it is your own fault and that you simply haven’t been CORE, therefore you did not achieve success. There is some truth in this but let me expose the system in a different angle.

Amway has a spotty reputation in the US. I don’t think anyone can dispute this fact. Therefore, for the vast majority of people, being able to show the plan 10-15 times per month is a nearly impossible task. If you are able to do this, you are a really good salesman or a good liar. In this scenario, the IBO is already successful, but not because of CORE, but simply because the IBO has the gift of being able to convince people into seeing the plan. But for many IBOs, they may contact hundreds of people and not be able to get anyone to see the plan. Even IBOs who follow upline advice on how to contact will probably not be able to show 10-15 plans per month. Thus this IBO, who is doing the work, will not be able to succeed. The system will blame the IBO, but the reality is that the IBO has too big of a disadvantage to overcome.

Secondly, with high prices (on average) and with a spotty reputation, most IBOs are unable to retail products. An article on Amway (on Quixtar Blog) shows that less than 4% of Amway products are sold to customers (non IBOs). Thus most IBOs are unable to sell products, therefore they are not CORE, therefore upline will blame the IBO for failure..

What if an IBO contacts 1000 people and cannot get 10 people to see the plan? Upline will claim that IBO is not CORE and therefore it is personal failure of the IBO. IMO, the only reason why upline can claim that CORE works is because in order to do the CORE steps consistently, you have to already be at a certain level of success. The vast majority of IBOs cannot and will never be able to reach that level.

That is the myth and the deception that many uplines will use to attract recruits. That each IBO can do the CORE steps. When only a fraction of 1% ever reach the level of platinum or higher, the numbers strongly support what is written here. Apologists are welcome to try and prove me wrong, but they can't.


  1. Hey Joecool,

    The percentages and failure rate are kind of a waste of time to comment on. Those percentages factor into every socially acceptable program, such as sports, traditional business, and politics. What separates the average from the successful in these categories is simply dedication, conviction, passion, hard work, and the unwillingness to give up when things look bleak or you hit a road bump. Look at ANY success story to validate this comment.

    You are looking at CORE from the wrong angle. It’s not a checklist. It’s not a “okay, I have contacted my 10th person for the month, therefore I am CORE” kind of deal. That is an employee mentality. CORE is simply a suggested work-habit, established in order to give IBOs a guideline to follow that others have used to accomplish success in the past.

    Selling products is easy...not much more to say about that. What YOU are suggesting is business owners trying to convince people of what they should buy when they don’t need it, rather than providing a solution to their problem(s) and adding value to them. With a 180 day satisfaction guarantee (which is unheard of with any other company/supplier), it is simply a matter of listening to people and helping them out, and if what you do help them out with doesn’t work, no skin off anyone’s back; Amway doesn’t ask questions when it comes to returns.

    You can talk about the price, but you can’t question the quality of the product. You get what you pay for. The products have been proven time and time again to work better than most, and there are enormous endorsements to back up this statement.

    Getting 50PV in client volume each month is probably the easiest step of CORE. You can establish a clientele in your first month or two in business, generate instant retail income, and have repeat customers for years (which every single IBO can do if they choose).

    I have not once heard of an IBO contacting even 300 people and not laid in a double eagleship AT LEAST. If you go that long, and that hard, without any results, and are actively reading, plugging into functions, listening to audios, and are listening and sending kates consistently, then there are many other factors at play that clearly need to be addressed (maybe even by a professional counsellor). Regularly results come near the end of all the failures up till that point. If you authentically and organically talk to people and connect with them and form a professional friendship and trust with them, then it’s simply a matter of time. Your level of success is directly proportionate to the amount of people you add value to.

    About 98 out of 100 people play the victim card when things don’t work out the way they had envisioned it to, and then make statements like yours saying that the system doesn’t work. At the same time however, within WWDB there have been hundreds and hundreds of success stories. In just Amway alone there have been tens of thousands, which I believe is more than any other company in history.

    Percentage arguments are invalid my friend. By that logic, nearly every single system in existence, when looking at success ratios, is in the same boat. I don’t ever see blogs and articles complaining that only .01% of people who play basketball make it to the NBA, do you?

    At the end of the day, all you can control is yourself. You can’t control the decisions of others, nor their willingness to see the plan or buy the products or get sponsored. Ultimately, you only have control over one thing in life. Yourself. CORE is simply your own consistent work-habit.

    People need to remember this when they are building the business. Stop focusing on the RESULTS, and simply do what you can, with what you have, with where you’re at.


    1. Hello adam. You are right in what you say but i think you miss the point. First of all ' anyone can build amway' is incorrect. You need special leadership / convincing skills to do so. Only few have this. Secondly if you show the plan to 300 people of course you will build it. But you need to keep doing that to replace those who quit. So you can never stop. Its just not worth the effort. Most platinums and diamonds fall back to zero. They have nothing after years of hard work. For me the question is not can it work. Its just the effort needed it too much.

    2. Hey Adam,
      It is me, Jerry, from the other blog's comment section. Still wasting all your prospecting time commenting on 'negative' blogs? How does this help 'grow your seeds'?

      "Stop focusing on the RESULTS"
      This is wrong. Plain and simple. If you joined Amway, you did it to make money. Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY, joins for the self-help speeches, the encouragement CDs, the books they can buy cheaper on other retail markets, the seminars, the friends, the upline, the downline, wasted trips to the nearest local city, meetings in coffee shops, etc.

      YOU JOINED TO MAKE MONEY. This is business and results are the only thing that does matter. All the other things mentioned are to distract you from the results.

      Percentage arguments are always valid. Stats are always valid, if they are valid stats. Especially in business. The nice thing about the internet, in this information age, ignorance is a choice.
      Here's one for you:
      -Census data report that 69 percent of new employer establishments born to new firms in 2000 survived at least 2 years, and 51 percent survived 5 or more years.
      And another:
      -Bureau of Labor Statistics data on establishment age show that 49 percent of establishments survive 5 years or more; 34 percent survive 10 years or more; and 26 percent survive 15 years or more.

      It would seem that legitimate (or as you have put it previously traditional) business does not have the same 99% failure rate as IBOs have.

      Let's look at your sports analogy shall we?

      You have the numbers for success rates in Amway, go ahead. Compare. What is that less than 1% figure exactly?

      "About 98 out of 100 people play the victim card"
      -Source material for this?

      Basically, I'm here to tell you, Adam, if you are going to make wild claims, on this side of the fence, you had better come with more than unquantifiable nonsense.

      If your business is so wonderful and honest, why do you care what we have to say about it?

      And please answer Joe about your pin level.


  2. Hi Adam,

    A percentage is not an argument. It's a fact that only a fraction of 1% ever make any real money in Amway. A real business prospect would certainly want to know what the likely result is, as well as the best and worst case scenario. Amway is sold like the lottery. Show off the winners and diss the losers. CORE isn't made to help people succeed. CORE is designed to ensure profits for the uplines who sell tools. Even the eagle program is not designed for IBO profitability. It's a gauge to see how many tools are being sold. You can only control yourself - that's true and that's why CORE doesn't work. You can control whether you listen to a cd or attend a functions but you cannot control whether people will see the plan or register as an IBO. With Amway's crappy reputation, I can see why so many people fail in Amway, effort or not.

    .01% of people make the NBA? I'd say even less. Except that people often play basketball for fun, not necessarily to make the NBA. And the NBA doesn't recruit young kids and deceive them into buying tools that are assured of them making the NBA. People with hoop dreams know it's a very long shot to make it. That's not the case with Amway where they say "anyone" can do it.

    1. Hey Joecool,

      I would venture to say that you were making money utilizing the Amway vehicle. Running healthy eagle parameters at 4000PV is what...around $1500.00 a month? You can’t tell me you were spending over $4000 every quarter on tools and other overhead. If you did...well then...

      Your upline diamond will benefit slightly from the sales of tools through the WWDB system, only because they are a partial owner of the organization due to going diamond within the system. Since when is it bad for people to profit on the purchases of...well...anything? It’s no secret that this is a fact, so I am not entirely sure why you are labeling it as a scam and/or unethical. The IBO still gets the supplies for cheap compared to the store.

      Amway has a bad rep, and people fail in it quite often, well, probably because of people like yourself. I am sure you are proud of that considering this blog and how much you commit anonymous defamation against a multi-billion dollar company that has proven itself time and time again to be not only legitimate, but a staple and a world leader in philanthropy, opportunity, and generosity. As I mentioned, from what I recall they are the world’s leading company for creating financially free individuals. Almost twice the amount that Microsoft accomplished if my information is correct.

      You use the word deceive, I use the word encourage. Never once has my upline forced me to do anything, let alone spend money on things I didn’t think would benefit me. I mean let’s get honest here please, why would you spend absurd amounts of coin on things that you don’t want and/or think you will gain value from? Because someone made you? That’s crazy man.

      Anyone CAN build a successful Amway business, but not everyone will. People lack the confidence in their own decision making and discipline to stick with it after reading blogs (opinions) like this one. Again, I am sure you take advantage of this unfortunate fact, and are happy to do so.


    2. I was making just over $1000 at the peak of my business. But yeah, expenses were very high. We were expected to buy 7-9 extra tapes in addition to standing order each week. We also were expected to attend all the functions which included one that required long distance air travel each quarter. When you add in the other expenses such as voicemail, books, standing orders, monthly regional functions, open meetings, gas, and other expenses associated with showing the plan, I was about even at 4000 PV.

      No, my upline LIED. They said NOBODY made money on tools. They also encouraged people to skip paying their mortgages and bills to attend functions.

      You are mistaken. This blog is not to defame Amway and in fact, much of my blog is actually about the tools and the organization that sold them (WWDB). CORE has nothing to do with Amway. Amway doesn't teach CORE.

      Your information is way wrong. You have no idea how many millionaires came from Amway, save for the owners. Many diamonds are drowning in debt.

    3. Sorry man, but if you were spending $12,000.00 a year on your business expenses at that level, you were doing it wrong. That's just a matter of fact. Here are some approximations based on an actual business builder:

      WWDB Member: $600 /y
      Voicemail: $420 /y
      Books: ~$600 /y (2 - 3+ books a month)
      Standing Orders: ~$300 /y
      Additional CDs: ~$240 /y
      Regionals: ~$150 /y
      Open Meetings: ~$240 /y (2 events a month)
      Amway: $70 /y

      Well dude, fudge that up or down as you will, we are still up to under $3000.00 /year, even if you factor in other promotion tools like catalogs and whatnot. Are you saying travel expenses and gas to travel to business related events cost you $9,000.00 throughout the year? Oh...

      Major Function tickets: ~$600.00 /y (give or take)
      Hotels: ~$1200.00 /y (this is high)

      Hmm still about $7,000 /y to go in travel expenses and gas... Like am I missing something? Jeez man were you flying first class to these things? What the heck were you spending your business income on?

      You do understand that your income essentially doubles if you go double-eagle at that point, yes? Not to mention if you simply doubled your business volume through a little more width and depth you would be Platinum...

      Your upline told you that nobody made money on tools? Either you misunderstood, or you believed something that couldn't possibly be factual, and are judging the entire system based on the actions of few... Please think logically. WWDB as an organization has a business element to it as well. People need to be compensated for their time and services provided... Where did you think that money came from?

      You're right, I have no idea how many millionaires came from Amway, nor did I claim to know... I said they have created more financially free people throughout the last 50 years than any other company, which is factual.

      Debt is a reflection on someone's own financial decisions, that doesn't say anything about their continuous, healthy cash flow (which allows them to be financially independent). I live completely debt free, and will continue to live this way until I die, but that is one of my core values and it isn't everyone's. Also remember that even a Diamond's business can dissolve if it isn't built with the proper parameters (implemented for stability and longevity).

      Your last comment is fascinating though, considering the vast majority of the North American populace is drowning in debt... Maybe even you included.


    4. Adam, you're missing the 7-9 extra cds/tapes each week that we we advised to buy. And if your downline quit, you were expected to keep on paying for their standing orders. And yes, upline (WWDB) outright LIED that nobody made money on tools.

    5. Oh and the same WWDB leaders taught people how to delay paying your mortgage or electric bills so you could attend the next function. One of them said to have your family skip a meal so you could buy an extra tape. Their greed knows no bounds. BTW, did you know greg duncan went bankrupt? Chapter 7.

    6. I have it there under Additional CDs actually. Let’s just bump it to $300 for argument sake... That would also cover the new Digital Delivery program if we get with the times.

      What were you spending the left-over $7,000.00 of your business income on aside from travel expenses? I actually legitimately want to know how you managed to break even, as you mentioned.

      Can I ask who specifically told you that nobody made any money on tools? Just curious. The actions of few does not necessarily include the indoctrination of the entire system.

      Again, if you are building your business correctly and are making smart financial decisions, you should never have to pay out of pocket to go to events or pay for other expenses, let alone take money out of personal budgets like for rent/mortgage/bills. Your current career, profession, or job should take care of those things. Your business should easily cover your overhead, especially if you have a $1000/m business income.

      Again, you are referring to a single person, out of hundreds of thousands, that may have in passing said certain things you either didn’t agree with, took out of context, or wrapped a big drama bow around. It just seems like you quit because of a few people’s opinions/attitudes, and now choose to defame the system, even though it has helped thousands of people to date, and the people who quit aren’t really all that worse off for being involved for the time they were.

      Greg Duncan going bankrupt 6 years ago was the result of his attempt to invest in real estate, which was his own decision. These kinds of deals go sour every single day by people much less successful than Greg, especially with the current economy. The reason he filed for bankruptcy after his properties starting being foreclosed on was because he wanted to protect his business assets with Amway and his continuous cash flow, which he accomplished. He was likely advised to take this action by his accountant, but who can say? If anything, he was able to strategically salvage a bum deal by doing this.


    7. Who said nobody made money on tools? Pretty much all the WWDB diamonds. Brad Duncan recorded a true north tape where he said you eat the standing order expenses if your downlines quit. Afterall you can't call upline who calls upline just to cancel a standing order. Funny, he didn't mnd upline calling upline to add a standing order. These same folks also said you family can skip meals because that tape/cd might contain the one thing you need to go diamond.

    8. The Duncans and Wolgamott taught how you could skip bills to pay for functions and even said for IBOs to quit their jobs if your boss won't give you time off for functions. You can find another job. While they may not do this now, what damages were done and who was accountable for the folks who did suffer? These lies were just outed by revisionist history.

      WWDB even hides things like Howie Danzik's divorce, as if Susan never existed before Theresa Tsuruda. I attended a Howie and Susan functio which is why I know this.

    9. We were also told that WWDB was non profit (another lie). Sorry but your leaders did all these despicable things and were never held accountable.

    10. You do realize that standing orders are the responsibility of each individual premier member now, right?

      How broke do you have to be to not eat...just to purchase a $2.50 CD? That is like...broker than broke, lol. It was probably just an extreme example used to emphasise the importance of listening to audios, and was simply taken out of context and, once again, wrapped up with gigantic drama. I am sure your upline didn’t hold a nuts & bolts training session to tell you to starve it if means you can afford to go to a function.

      These leaders you are referring to never ENCOURAGE those behaviors, they simply share what people have done in the past in order to get to important events, and offer perspective around it. You can swing it however you want, but ultimately the people who maybe did get hurt from these leaders saying this...well they made their own decisions. You can’t just blindly do whatever someone else says and expect to become some amazing successful leader... You need to analyze your own situation and make your own choices in life, otherwise you’re just a robot. Sad truth is...most people who are not entrepreneurs are like this, and make these poor decisions constantly.

      Why would they publically announce things like divorce? David Shores recently divorced and a year later talked about it all on stage at an FED (I was there). They don’t hide it, they just don’t like talking much about it in front of hundreds/thousands of people because those things aren’t very motivating most of the time, are they?

      If you were told that WWDB was non profit...and you believed it...then, well...I mean...c’mon man that’s a pretty poor judgement call, lol. Just another example of blind following, instead of logical analysis.


    11. There was no premiere membership when I was an IBO. The standing orders and tapes were $6.00 each. They said WWDB has a 2% divorce rate that's why they would lie about someone divorcing. Or they re-wrote history, Poor judgement believing what upline said? So you blame the victim and the ling uplines get a pass?

      Blaming people when unethical WWDB leaders ripped them off sounds pretty shameful.

      Have you even netted a profit with all your sage advice from WWDB?

    12. They Joecool,

      With the thousands of people in WWDB I wouldn’t be surprised if that divorce rate percentage was even lower than 2% to be honest.

      If an upline lies, that’s on them. If you believe the lie when logic dictates the opposite of what they are saying, but you blindly follow regardless, that’s on you. Neither of you get a pass, but both situations are different.

      Victims always want to play the blame game for their sorrows when in reality their own decision making got them where they are. No one can control you or deceive you if you have confidence that you can make your own choices in life. If you think your negative experiences were caused by others, then to me that is just saying you don’t know how to make your own decisions.

      WWDB doesn’t pay me financially. Through their mentorship and coaching, however, I managed to become debt free, got married and have it thriving, became a better employee at my work, and have created purposeful friendships and relationships with people who have a financial vested interest to see me succeed. Our upline platinum and personal sponsor was in our wedding party as my wife’s maid of honor.

      My business, on the other hand, this last year netted me about $5,000.00 or so in profits. Not rich by any means, but better than a poke in the eye and better than anything I was getting from my job that year. My yearly Christmas bonus at my work was $250.00 hahaha.


    13. Brad Wolgamott, Dean Kosage, Howie Danzik. That's 3 diamonds already. Are there more than a hundred diamonds in WWDB in the US? I also know people from WWDB who divorced? Actualy, I wouldn't care but since the WWDB leaders like to make us BS stories like this, it becomes an issue.

      Does WWDB track divorces in their ranks? I doubt it. Fact is, WWDB folks probably have the same divorce rate as the rest of the country but they want to fluff it up to make it sound as if WWDB are better when they are the same as everyone else.

    14. So Adam, are you a platinum or higher?

    15. Hey Joecool,

      If you were around the system at all you would actually know what you’re talking about. Unfortunately, the only information you have access to is what you read online. It is true that a few diamonds have had unfortunate things happen within their marriage, but once again, that is a result of their own decision making. No one is perfect, including people from WWDB. We all make mistakes, but throughout the hundreds of thousands of people in WWDB there just isn’t a lot of divorce, especially not a 73% rate throughout the rest of the area I live.

      I am simply a lowly 1500PV business, but with good parameters.


    16. Yes, nobody is perfect. So why do WWDB diamonds act like they are perfect. Why do they need to tell lies? 2% divorce rate? Please.. The diamonds alone have a higher dicivirce rate than that. And as I said, who actully tracks the divorce rate in WWDB? More likely they just made it up.

    17. Adam, I was in the system and witnessed what I s[eak of. You didn't comment about the diamonds telling people not to pay their bills so they could attend more functions and buy more tapes/cds. Despiable in my book.

  3. Another version of the "CORE" step program:

    9 Core Actions Steps:

    1) Show the Plan – 3x/week
    2) Personal Volume – 150 pv/person
    3) Customer Volume – 50 pv minimum
    4) Audios – listen 1full audio/day
    5) Read – 1 chapter/day goal
    6) Attend Everything
    7) Gameplan & counsel – w/ a coach
    8) Have Integrity / Be Accountable
    9) Communication – via LTD Messaging apps

    Another "team" in the group had the unmitigated gall to hold their weekly meetings on Christmas and New Year's Day. Rescheduling appears to have been NOT an option (never mind allowing the minions time to spend holidays with family and friends).

    Sick cult group.

    1. WWDB is an organization that typically follows a Christian faith, even if they do not force that belief on others. Never have I heard of anyone within the system schedule Regionals, Opens, or Board Plan meetings on Christmas eve, day, or practically a week or two around those dates. New Years maybe, seeing how that day doesn't really mean anything, lol.

    2. Yes but leaders teach religion in functions which is against accreditation rules.

    3. No they don't, lol. They may share their beleifs, but that's it. In fac never encourage anyone to follow their beliefs.

    4. They certainly pushed religion when I wasn an IBO and they weren't shy about it.

    5. Was probably just your interpretation of what they were saying. I honestly thought the same way when I first started as well, and was against it. I have grown up since then and undstand now why they talk about it.

    6. Joecool, c'mon if you are not there anymore why would you waste so much time doing this... just get a life, get a job that will pay you enough money to buy food, and if you decided not to work hard enough to become whatever you could have becomed with Amway, then don't regret it now.... I can't believe this kind of life you have... just let go of the past!!! Maybe then you will find a good opportunity.

    7. LOL, why dont you tell me what kind of life I have? After I quit Amway is when I began to do better financially ad I have a decent job and I live very comfortably. That's better than most IBOs can say.

  4. Adam,

    Your $7000 expense per year for running Amway business might be true if you don’t have a team.
    My expenses were way over $7000 when i was doing Amway. I had long distance groups in Chicago, Ohio, Dallas and a couple in Toronto, Canada.

    I spent good amount of money in leadership SOTs,tools,travel and PTOs to keep the groups going and also the expenses that i had to incur when any of my upline "leader" is in my town. No need to mention amount of stress and sleepless nights.

    I always tried to take my Upline platinum's advice on travel (to build long distance groups) and his one line answer would be "Do whatever it takes".
    Even my 3 year old can give that advice :).

    I sincerely advise you to track all your expenses (every penny spent on business or non business) and it’s a good business practice too.
    I got a real sense of my "business" after I tracked my expenses and that helped to pull the plug.

    1. I also had travel for showing the plan. The State of Hawaii where I live has several islands where people live. You can't just drive. You need to fly.

    2. Can I ask both of you how big the teams were that you were flying long distances to serve? What pin were you at this point?


    3. I was at 4000 PV and had almost 40 downline

    4. Adam,

      I personally sponsored 17 people. Initially we were told to go wide. When I was 8 wide (of course 4 people were technically inactive by then. They joined and quit after couple of months) BWW introduced a concept called depth building. They said, go deep. So rest of my personal sponsorships went down in my 3 legs.
      Coming to your question, my best PV was close to 3500, but I was not able to sustain it. Needless to say this is a revolving door business, People get out faster than they get in and my Ohio leg had 90% student s and the count was “dynamic” all the time. I used to work my rear off to maintain the volume and team. I would best describe my business as founder’s 2500PV.At one point of time I had 31 members in my team and 13 of them used to plug in to the system on a consistent basis. I had all the eagle parameters and my upline always bragged about me.
      I was told many times by Amway/BWW apologists that if I would have followed the teaching I would have had a local team and would saved a lot of time. Great! Most of my personal sponsorships are local, but the people who stuck in moved to Toronto, Chicago and other places. Of course, Ohio was where my brother lived.

    5. Okay, and how big were the teams you traveled to serve?

  5. I'm sure Adam is a hard working and ambitious guy and I wish him well but it's obvious that his uplines have fed him some inaccurate business principles but he trusts and beieves them. I was once there so I don't blame him at all.

  6. No he is very accurate. How long did you even "try" it. And were you really consistant?
    Now not every business team is the same. I myself build in depth but it seams to me that the team you were working with just didnt build with integrity and thats what amway is all about. Freedom hope and reward. Its nit get rich quick. Its something you do part time on top of what you do. How fast you go platinum and above is really up to you. 10-15 plans is a shame...I myself am a 20 plus plan. Im hingry to learn I have learned alot and grown alot being introduced to the business opportunity. Its helped me in every aspect of my life. I have built relationships and learned how to communicate by reading books on life success princples. Alot more confident too :) my piont is I am very thankful for the opportunity. I have always known I was meant to help others. And by having the opportunity in changing someones life for the better I wouldnt hesitate. I think everyone needs this opportunity. Im not here to change your opinion but I just want you to know that the company has really helped so many others out there. They are only there to help you. My team has proven to me time and again they truely care. Honestly its not about the products its about how many lives are better off because you lived.

  7. Also I build in depth. Wide is alot harder I have heard. I have a stable 7500 leg with a second leg growing

  8. Hello cheyanne. If you only build deep then you will not be profitable. You need at least 3 legs and preferably 6 to make real money. When you have that width then build deep for stability. I fear your uplines encourage you to build deep as they have the with and now seek stability. As you said it is harder. Well thats by conclusion on this. Its just too hard and not worth the effort. No matter how much you achieve half your downlines will quit every year. Thats why so many platinums and diamonds disappear after a few years. Anyway good luck. If you want to build a business in europe let me know. Anon france.

  9. Ha 100% guaranteed? I can say that about anything. If you walk into a Vegas casino and I can 100% guarantee that if you make the right decision playing baccarat 20 hands in a row and at the same time jamming all in your bet every hand .. I guarantee 100% you will become a millionaire ..